Set 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador the Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands consisting of 6 main islands, 12 smaller islands and 40 inlets. Teaming with endemic species the Galapagos are a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. 

There are a number of exciting ways to explore these incredible islands. 

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With species such as frigate birds, marine iguanas, blue and red footed boobies and Galapagos sea lions, many of the species found on the islands are unique to the Galapagos.

Since the ecosystems on the islands have developed without human influence until recently the animals on the islands have not learnt to fear humans and are far more friendly and curios than their mainland counterparts may be.

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As varied as the wildlife on the islands, the landscapes also contrast dramatically with volcanic rock formations, sunken volcano craters and lush green highlands and pristine white sand beaches.  Each of the islands is unique and holds it’s own character and personality.

Home to the native Galapagos penguin, Isabella is often thought to be the most beautiful of the islands, Genoesa, Fernandina and Española are havens for bird lovers and Santa Cruz is home to numerous Giant Tortoises.  Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz is the most populated town in the Galapagos with 12,000 inhabitants but it’s the numerous sea lions which can be found along the town’s seafront which draws in the many visitors.

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Preservation of giant tortoises is one of the key focus areas of the islands with the El Chato Reserve playing a central role in this.  On the brink of extinction the reserve works tirelessly to save these gentle giants.  Visitors to the reserve can get up close to these beautiful creatures and learn how they can become involved in the life saving work the reserve does.

Preservation is key not only for tortoises but all wildlife, flora, fauna and sea life surrounding the islands with the majority of the islands protected as a national park.  This preservation has meant that spotting on-land wildlife is plentiful and there are also excellent opportunities to spot marine life with spotted rays, hammerhead and whale sharks amongst those frequently seen.

The islands can be encountered by either staying on one or a number of the islands or an expedition cruise allows the islands to be discovered by boat of which there are many different options. 

Whether you are a land or sea lover or would like to have the best of both, we can arrange the perfect itinerary for you to experience these beautiful and interesting islands.

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